The Rabbs

The Rabinovitz family (later changed to Rabb) settled in Boston after immigrating from Russia. Once settled in America, the family founded a chain of grocery stores that would eventually become Stop & Shop Companies, Inc. The company was run by brothers Sidney, Norman, and Irving.

An undated photograph of the Rabbs.


Sidney and Irving Rabb with Plenipotentiary Theodor Kollek and David Ben-Gurion.

The Shop & Shop Stores

What started as a simple family grocery store grew rapidly with the acquisition of smaller businesses, and the formation of its own food production and processing facilities.


A flyer for a pre-Stop & Shop, Rabinovitz-owned grocery store.

Stop & Shop Employee Cards

These cards were given to employees of Stop & Shop upon the first weeks of their employment, to better ensure their knowledge of store operations and their place in them.

The complete collection of the Rabb Family Papers (P-679) is available at the American Jewish Historical Society- New England Collections. Please contact us for more information.

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