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Postcard of Troop D Massachusetts at camp in Hampton, Connecticut, 1914. From the Papers of Col. Bernard L. Gorfinkle, P-664.

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William Abramowitz Papers, P-608

Charles Follen Adams Papers, P-176

Abraham Alpert Papers,* P-544

David B. Alpert Papers (1926-1968), P-82

Altman Spiewak Family Papers, P-831

Jennie Loitman Barron Papers, P-547

Jacob Beerman Papers, P-612

Mark Bortman Papers,* P-856

Rabbi Ber Boruchoff Papers, P-157

Edward Bernard Papers, P-102

Israel Bernstein Papers, P-51

Abraham Bornstein Papers, P-937

Percy Brand Papers, P-865

Bromberg Family Papers, P-519

Stanley Canner,* P-731

The Davis and Isaacs Family, P-936

Mary Wolfman Epstein, P-998

Philip Epstein Papers, P-989

Herbert B. Ehrmann Papers (1913-1970), P-94

Beatrice Feingold Papers, P-621

Marcus and Feldman Family Papers, I-1008

Jacob Fine Papers, P-638

Morris Finkelstein Papers- Temple Emanuel, Newton, Massachusetts, P-859

Ilan (Alan) Fisher Papers, P-1013

Mildred Minnie Fishman Papers, P-1000

George Clint Frank Papers, P-1018

Friedman Family Papers, P-948

Myron S. Geller Papers, P-398

Glick Family Papers, P-999

Samuel Goodman Papers, P-629

Meyer H. Goldman, P-1037

Albert I. Gordon Papers (1903-1968), P-86

Bernard Louis Gorfinkle Papers, P-664

Herbert Gorfinkle Papers, P-904

Aaron Gorovitz Papers, P-87

Arthur Green Papers, P-963

Samuel H. Gurvitz Papers, P-352

Abraham Zevi Hirshprung Papers (Halberstam-Family),* P-591

Adolph Hubbard Papers, P-647

Rabbi Richard Israel Papers,* P-860

Josephthal Family Papers,* P-517

Abraham Kamberg Papers, P-148

Harold and Romayne Goldberg Papers,* P-861

Kallin Family Papers, P-1021

Judge Jacob J. Kaplan Papers, P-864

Steven Kellerman Synagogue Photographs, P-931

Rose Klein Papers, P-386

Jacob Israel Korff Papers, P-684

George & Sadie Kramer Papers,* P-691

Joshua Loth Liebman Papers, P-636

Harry Levine Papers, P-592

Israel Levine Papers, P-625

Leo Levine Papers, P-646 and P-646A

James Levinson Family Papers, P-984

Philip W. Lown Papers, P-162

Max Nigrosh Papers, P-542

Elizabeth Wyner Mark, P-991

Milontaler Family Papers, P-553

Samuel Moshcovitz, P-1009

Morrison Family Papers, P-394

Arthur S. Obermayer Papers, P-1019

Benjamin Rabalsky Papers,* P-153

Rabb Family Papers, P-679

Rabbi Meyer Rabinovitz Papers, P-367

David Meir Rabinowitz Papers, P-257

Abraham C. Ratshesky Papers, * P-586

Evelyn B. & Janot S. Roskin Papers, P-685

Sylvia Rosner Rothchild, P-817

Larry Ruttman Papers, P-1033

Scheinfeldt Family Papers, P-1006

Schwartz Family Papers, P-1027

Meyer Seifert Papers,* P-797

Cantor Morton Shanok Papers, P-995

Leo Shapiro Newspaper Collection, P-929

Suzanne Shapiro Papers (Genealogy of the Sachs and Herzel Families), P-622

Grace Cohen Shohet,* P-754

Leo Shubow Papers, P-395

Robert Silverman Papers, P-1014

Philip Smith Papers,* P-689

Adolphus Strassman (alias Rich), P-939

Abraham Strauss Papers, P-648

Sara Wernon Sloan Papers, P-640

Myer Starr Papers, P-525

Eliot Snider Papers, P-977

Stanley and Mary Ann Snider Papers, P-964

Robert Irwin Sperber, P-976

Harry Spiro, P-1005

Lionel Spiro, P-1032

Oscar and Celia Sterman Papers,* P-875

Dewey D. Stone Papers (1916-1984), P-529

Elihu David Stone Papers, P-555

Taylor-Tatelbaum Family Papers, P-213

Benjamin Ulin,* P-798

Natalie J. Velleman Papers, P-543

Bernard Weinberg Papers, P-668

Lewis H. Weinstein Papers, P-641

Louis Winer Papers, P-988

Richard Winer Family Papers, P-983

Henry Wise Papers, P-944

Wolk Family Papers, P-643

Abraham & Frieda Wolper Papers, P-531

Wyner Family Papers, P-803

Yiddish Phonograph Record Collection, P-590

Maurice L. Zigmond,* P-112

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