The Taylor-Tatelbaum Family

Front, Alan Taylor (Abraham Tatelbaum), Lillian Tatelbaum Cutler; Rear, Barnett (Barney) Tatelbaum, Jennie (Cohen) Tatelbaum, Boston, Massachusetts, 1923. From the Taylor-Tatelbaum Family Papers, American Jewish Historical Society, New England Archives.

Barnett (Barney) Tatelbaum was born in Russia and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1926. His wife, Jennie Cohen Tatelbaum, was born in Rovno, Russia, and became a U.S. citizen in 1941.  Barney and Jennie married in 1914 in Boston, and had two children, Abraham (later Alan Taylor) and Lillian (married name, Cutler.)

Alan Taylor attended Roxbury Memorial High School, Boston University, and Calvin Coolidge College. In 1940, he entered the U.S. Civil Service and worked for the United States Postal Service, Government Printing Office, the Navy Department, and Veterans’ Administration. In 1949, he married Bertha Kaplan and they had four children: Gerald, Michael, David, and Marjorie.

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