The Wyner Family

George Wyner (1862-1943) was born in Vilna, Lithuania and immigrated to South Africa before settling in Boston in 1902.  He married Gertrude (Gussie) Edelman in 1891 after meeting her while on a trip to New York.  Gertrude (Gussie) Edelman Wyner (1870-1949) was born in Minsk, Russia to Rabbi Abraham and Esther (Plotkins) Edelman. In the 1880s the Edelman family immigrated to New York. George and Gussie Wyner eventually had five children: Frances, Isadore, Rudolph, Edward and Maurice. The Wyner Family initially resided at 22 Gaston Street in the Roxbury section of the city.

George Wyner became a real estate dealer in the greater Boston area where, along with his real estate holdings, he also built the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in 1926 and became Chairman of the Board and President of the Ritz Arlington Trust Company. A supporter of many philanthropic ventures, he was also treasurer of Shawmut Woolen Mills a company owned and operated by his son, Rudolph. Both George and Gussie were very involved in the Boston Jewish Community in such organizations as the Boston chapter of Hadassah and as founders of the Beth Israel Hospital of Boston.

Rudolph Wyner (1895-1984) entered the knitting mill business in 1916 with the purchase of the French and Ward Mill in Stoughton, Massachusetts, the oldest knitting mill in the United States. Renaming the mill Shawmut Woolen Mills, Inc. the company has been in the family for four generations. Rudolph Wyner married Sara Goldberg Wyner (1899-1965) on December 4, 1923 they had two children, Justin and Elizabeth.

Rudolph Wyner, circa 1914-1917.

Sara Goldberg Wyner, 1923.


George and Gussie Wyner with their grandchildren, undated.


All photographs from the Wyner Family Papers, American Jewish Historical Society, New England Archives.

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