Adolphus Strassman’s (alias Rich) Diary from the Civil War

The small,  green leather cover is worn and faded, but is in fairly good condition. The diary covers the year 1865. Below are some transcripts of various pages of his diary. Some words and names are illegible and we have done our best to decipher them, but if you have any corrections or ideas as to what a certain word is, email us at

Strassman was in the 2nd Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery, which was organized in Readville,  and active between 1863 and 1865.

Monday February 27, 1865

On guard at Fort Dutton/Actg Copl (sic)

Tuesday 28

Wrote a letter home/Mustered in for four months pay by Lt-Col (illegible)/2nd Mass Artillery

Thursday, March 2, 1865

On guard at sallyport/Actg Copl (sic)

Friday 3

Priv. J. Sessions died at Gen. Hospital/Left Fort Dutton and concentrated at Fort (?) left at 12.5 RM, marched 8 miles/encamped at Bachleors (sic) Creek.

Saturday 4

Broke camp at 8AM. Camped for the night at Coal Creek, distance 10 miles.

Sunday, March 5, 1865

Consolidated into General Harland’s 1st Brigade 2nd Div., encamped side of the Rail Road.

Monday 6

Left camp at 9AM and went into camp at 3PM. Marched 9 miles.

Tuesday 7

A letter from home/Left camp at 10 AM. Encamped with in (sic) 3 mi. east of Kinston/heavy firing on the left.

Wednesday March 8, 1865

Left camp at 9AM/took a position on the Rail Road and (illegible)  a Battery moved two miles toward the left- heavy guns/(illegible) and artillery firing (illegible.)

Thursday 9

Rose at 3 A.M./heavy musketry all night/constant firing heavy attacks on our lines/at 6 A.M. repulsed on all fronts. Constant firing all day (illegible.)

Friday 10

Attacked on lines again and repulsed. Gen. Cox defeats the left wing of the Rebel army. Captures 700(?) and one Gen. (?) from (?) (illegible.)

Thursday, March 23, 1865

Michial Cunningham (?)/watch/10,00

Friday 24

All quiet. 900 hundred Rebels came in. Capture by Gen. Shermans (sic) army. Received a letter from S. Palmer.

Saturday 25

Wrote 2 letters/one home and one to A. Strassman. Saw Gen. W. Scherman (sic) going to Newberne (sic).

Sunday March 26, 1865

On (illegible)– one half mile from Kinston/Actg Corporal

Monday 27

Nothing of interest.

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