Charles K. Davis

Photo of Charles K. Davis (right) in Yokohoma, Japan, January 1903.

Charles K. Davis (1854-1918)  was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Adolph Davis and Johanna B. (Sommerfield) Davis. In 1882, along with Leo Wise, Charles K. traveled to Southwestern Kansas to aid in the establishment of the Beersheba Colony. A diary kept by him during this period was eventually published in 1965 by the American Jewish Archives.

Over the course of his life, he also traveled Greece, Egypt, Japan, China, and Germany. Throughout his travels he was an avid letter writer; a great deal of his letters, circulars, and diaries survive to today.

Charles and his wife Ida (Fletcher) Davis (b. 1855/56) had two children: Ella in 1885 and John Evan in 1892.

Photo left-to-right of John Davis, Ida (Fletcher) Davis, and Ella Davis. Undated.

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