Nathan Isaacs

Photo Strip of Nathan T. Isaacs. Undated.

Nathan Isaacs came from an influential Cincinnati family, descended from Rabbi Schachne Isaacs on his father’s side, and both Rabbi Aaron Zebi Friedman and Grand Rabbi Lieberman of Frankfurt on his mother’s side. While Nathan had great professional success as a professor of Business Law at Harvard University Business School and on the Board of Directors of Gimbel Brothers Department Store, his ten siblings were also known for their successes as well.

In his youth, during college at the University of Cincinnati, Nathan began one of the first Jewish fraternities. It was at the University of Cincinnati where he met his future wife, Ella Davis.  Throughout his life, he remained very active within the Jewish community and served as a delegate to the first Jewish World Conference in Geneva in 1936.

When Nathan Isaacs passed away in 1941, his death was mourned by many. A large bereavement scrapbook kept by his wife and daughter records a great deal of condolences sent to the family and a number of articles nationwide on his passing. At a service held in Baker Hall at Harvard University in December of 1941, his life-long friend Howard L. Bevis had this to say:

“He gave his life to the betterment of mankind…My loss is irreparable; my gain beyond calculation. Each of you, I know, would say the same.”

Remarks of Howard L. Bevis at the memorial of Nathan T. Isaacs, Baker Hall, Harvard University. December 1941.

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