Sadie Kramer and Hadassah

Sadie Kramer was deeply involved with Malden’s Hadassah chapter and served as their president for several years. Hadassah meetings united women in the Jewish community who were passionate about Zionism and wanted to contribute to the cause. After leading Malden’s Hadassah chapter, she also helped open Hadassah chapters in Saugus and Wellesley and served as an officer for the New England Hadassah Region.

Announcement for a Hadassah meeting

Somerville’s Hadassah chapter has a tree planted in Israel in honor of Sadie for her efforts

Mrs. Glazin (left) and Mrs. Kramer (right) salute the plan for the new Hadassah Medical Center at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University

Newspaper clipping of the New England Hadassah Board officers

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