George and Sadie Kramer

George and Sadie Kramer lived in Malden, Massachusetts and were very active in Malden’s Jewish community, dedicating their lives to the Zionist cause. The Kramers both attended Tufts University and met at their graduation.

George Kramer went onto Tufts Dental School and graduated in 1912. While in school, he was an active member of the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity. In 1919 he returned to Tufts Dental School as a visiting professor, and in 1954 he was elected to lifetime membership at the American Dental Association.

When George Kramer got involved with the Malden Zionist District he quickly became the group’s president. He worked tirelessly to bring the Jewish community together to raise awareness of the persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe and to advocate for Palestine to become the Jewish homeland. He organized dozens of events such as debates, discussions, fundraisers, and lectures by honorable speakers such as Elihu Stone, a well known Zionist activist, and Rabbi Ber Boruchoff, one of Malden’s most respected Rabbis. George continued working for these causes with the United Jewish Appeal and the United Palestine Appeal.

Sadie Kramer was also very committed to the Zionist cause and, along with her husband, played an important role in Malden’s Jewish community. Sadie was very involved in Malden’s Hadassah chapter, of which she became president. She also served as Chairman of Organization for the New England Region of Hadassah. Sadie was involved with the Hebrew Ladies Charitable Society as well, where she served as Chairman of Arrangements. One of Sadie’s most notable efforts was helping to organize the Mercy Dinner in 1939, which marked the opening of the United Jewish Campaign.

In 1943, the Kramers were honored by the Jewish National Fund for their devotion to the Zionist ideal. The couple was also involved with Malden’s Masonic groups. George was elected as Noble Grand of his lodge, and Sadie was a lifetime member of the Germania chapter.

United States Census information from 1920 and 1930 indicate that George was born in Latvia or Russia in 1887 or 1888, and Sadie was born in Massachusetts in 1899. They had two children, Eunice (born circa 1920) and Robert (born circa 1924.)

George Kramer’s Dental Career

Elihu Stone

Rabbi Ber Boruchoff

Malden’s Zionist District

Sadie Kramer and Hadassah

New England Zionist Region Conventions

1939 Mercy Dinner, the United Jewish Appeal, and the United Jewish Campaign

United Palestine Appeal

Jewish Palestine at New York’s 1939 World’s Fair

Israeli Stamps from 1950

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