Jacob Levin (1853-1921)

Born in Russia or Poland (Russian Poland), possibly in the town of Korria, Jacob Levin (also Levine or Levins) immigrated to the United States around 1882 and was naturalized in Boston in 1887.

Levin’s 1887 naturalization certificate is stamped both front and back, marking its use for elections and as a passport.

His wife, Annie (Stark) Levin and their first child, Etta (born in 1880 or 1881) joined him in 1883. Once in the United States, the Levins had four other children- Bernard, Eva, Lillian and Agnus- between August 1883 and October 1889, born either in their first place of residence in New Jersey or in Boston. Once settled in Boston, Levin worked mainly as a salesman and manufacturer.

He donated to Jewish charitable organizations, including the Benoth Israel Sheltering Home and the Boston Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews and Orphanage, of which he was an Associate Member at least between 1890 and 1891. His eldest daughter Etta married Morris Morrison, making Robert, Ralph and Sidney Morrison his grandsons. He died in 1921.

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