Ralph Morrison (1870/1871)

Morris Morrison’s older brother Ralph was born Raphael in 1870 or 1871. A few years after his birth, he was registered as the only male in his family in order to avoid military conscription for himself and his brother.  After he emigrated in 1902 or 1903, he and his wife Lena had four daughters (Bertha, Mirian, Francis and Anna) and two sons (Fred and Sumner).

Ralph was a shochet accredited by Rabbi B. Boruchoff of Malden, and worked for

Morrison’s certificate of skill in shchita, kosher slaughter, bears the stamp of Rabbi Boruchoff and was issued in .

Sturtevant + Haley, a subsidiary of the meat-packing giant Swift and Co.

He corresponded with rabbis from various Jewish communities, both in and out of Massachusetts.

This 1917 letter from Rabbi Mordechai Klatchko of Boston, also known by his name as a biblical commentator, Tcheilet Mordechai.

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