Sidney L. Morrison (1911-1996)

The third Morrison son, Sidney was also involved in Jewish communal life, although his participation was less documented than his father’s and brother’s. His largest works involved family history, including organizing and copyrighting the two volumes of his father’s autobiography, Shtetl Tintypes and “M.L,” as well as typing up his own memoirs, entitled Saga of Sid Morrison. Although he said that he would try to “break them into different categories,” the section contained in the collection regards mostly the various jobs of Sidney Morrison throughout his life.

The cover of Sidney’s autobiography Saga of Sid Morrison.

A vaguely stream-of-consciousness introduction to Sid Morrison’s story, which he recorded as “a collection of thoughts that have occurred to [him] as [he lies] awake in bed.”

The husband of Ruth Dvilinsky Morrison since 1937, Sidney died in 1996. His obituary can be found here.

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