Abraham Isaac Friedman (1843-?)

2012-11-28 (41) 0001.jpg civil war ribbon

This is ribbon from the Civil War Reunion.

2012-11-28 (38) 0001.jpg abraham and rachel friedman

Abraham and Rachel.

Abraham was one of Aaron’s twelve children. He was born in 1843 in Trier-on-Moselle, Germany. He was married to Rachel Isaacs.

It is unknown exactly what his profession was but there are many business documents relating to him in the collection. He was also in the Civil War.

2012-11-28 (39) 0001.jpg civil war reunion

Civil War Reunion photograph. Abraham is circled in the photo.

2012-11-28 (34) 0001.jpg yiddish letter

Business letter written to Abraham. (In Yiddish)

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