The Rabb Family and Stop & Shop

The Rabb (or Rabinovitz) family is the founding family of Stop & Shop. The grocery business had become something of a Rabinovitz family tradition. In the early 1890s Yente Rabinovitz had opened a small grocery store on Salem Street in Boston’s North end. In 1898 her sons Joseph (JR) and Max Rabinovitz also went into the grocery business, joining with three others to found the Standard Grocery Company. Stop & Shop has its roots in yet a third Rabinovitz family grocery business, Economy Grocery Stores, founded in 1914 by JR and Max’s brothers Julius and Jacob Rabinovitz. The company was later renamed Stop & Shop.

The Rabb Family/Stop & Shop Collection documents the Rabbs’ lives and their involvement in Stop & Shop from 1912 to 1989. It contains a variety of materials including memoranda, newspaper clippings, newsletters, advertisements, pamphlets, speeches, programs, correspondence, minutes, reports, and audiovisual materials. The collection contains a great deal of photographs of the family and of Stop & Shop covering the 1920s to the 1980s.

For additional images from the Rabb Family/Stop & Shop Collection, see this 2011 exhibit on the Rabbs and the Rabb Family: Stop & Shop photo album on our Facebook page.


The Rabb Family

JR and Jacob Rabinovitz

Sidney Rabb

Norman and Irving Rabb

Avram and Carol Goldberg

Community Involvement and Philanthropy

Economy Grocery Stores

Stop & Shop

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