The Rabb Family

Rabinovitz Family

Nachman Schleime and Yente Rabinovitz with three of their children, no date, Rabb Family/Stop & Shop Collection, P-679, Box 9/Folder 1, Collection of the American Jewish Historical Society, Boston, MA, and New York, NY.

Nachman Schleime and Yente Rabinovitz left Malestovka, Russia with their children in 1891. The family first tried unsuccessfully to enter Palestine. According to family legend, the Rabinovitz family then tried to board a boat to Argentina, but accidentally ended up in the United States instead. Upon arriving in New York, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society sent them to Boston. Yente Rabinovitz set up her small grocery store on Salem Street, establishing a family tradition in the grocery business which would be carried on for multiple generations.

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