Chapters in American Jewish History

The American Jewish Historical Society-New England Archives and the New England Historic Genealogical Society are pleased to bring Dr. Michael Feldberg’s “Chapters in American Jewish History” to readers of The Weekly Genealogist. A new “Chapter” will appear every other week. 

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March 19, 2014

Chapter I: Hank Greenberg: Baseball’s First Jewish Superstar

April 16, 2014

Chapter II: Of Civil Seders in the Civil War

May 14, 2014

Chapter III: Judah Touro: American Jewish Philanthropist

June 18, 2014

Chapter IV: Staying Jewish on the Arizona Frontier

July 16, 2014

Chapter V: The Denization of Luis Moses Gomez

August 20, 2014

Chapter VI: Moses Michael Hays: “A Most Valuable Citizen” of Boston

September 17, 2014

Chapter VII: Nathan Straus and the White Peril
In memory of Rashi Fein, a leading voice for public health and social justice

October  22, 2014

Chapter VIII: Don Solomono Bibo, Jewish Indian Chief

November 19, 2014

Chapter IX: Barney Ross’s Greatest Battles

December 17, 2014

Chapter X: Chanukah, American Style

January 21, 2015

Chapter XI: The Hendricks Family: Kings of Copper

February 18, 2015

Chapter XII: Noah’s Second Landing at Ararat

March 25, 2015

Chapter XIII: Rebecca Gratz’s “Unsubdued Spirit”

April 13, 2015

Chapter XIV: Solomon N. Carvalho: Artist-Hero of the Wild West

May 12, 2015

Chapter XV: Penina Moise’s Time in the Sun

June 5, 2015

Chapter XVI: Moses Elias Levy: An Early Jewish Floridian

July 14, 2015

Chapter XVII: Francis Salvador: Martyr of the American Revolution

September 16, 2015

Chapter XVIII: Tolerated, Not Free: Moses Michael Hays Declines an Oath

November 25, 2015

Chapter XIX: Haym Salomon: Revolutionary Broker